Delivery and installation


Our delivery vehicles can be up to 19 metres long, 3.5 metres wide and 4.6 metres high. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate clearance for delivery vehicles through gateways, under carports, down pathways, under trees, and below overhead cables. If there is insufficient access, products will be unloaded at the closest convenient location.

At Urban Poly Tanks, we care about our people, and will not allow our delivery staff to lift tanks over fences or buildings, or to perform deliveries that may cause harm to themselves, other people, or property. Please ensure the product you are considering purchasing can not only fit the desired location, but can be delivered to its final location safely.


All water tanks should be sited on a stable, flat, level base with at least 100 mm gap between the tank and any fixed object such as a building or fence.

One litre of water weighs one kilogram. So, for example, a full 1,000-litre tank weighs 1,000 kg, plus the weight of the tank itself. That’s why it’s very important to place your tank on a solid base that will support it evenly and keep it level. The preferred base is a properly constructed concrete slab that is slightly larger than the footprint of the tank.

Because round tanks are inherently stronger than other shapes, they can be installed on a well-compacted 100 mm sand base, as long as the edges of the base are protected from erosion. Any other tank shape, such as a slimline tank, must be must be installed on a concrete slab.

Your tank base is a very important part of ensuring your tank will serve you for many years to come. A poorly constructed base can cause the tank to fail prematurely, and will void your warranty.

Your tank should be installed by a suitably qualified tradesperson to the relevant requirements applicable in your area. Check with your local water authority or council if you are unsure.